【Hillary Clinton, behind the real scandal! To much as US $ 50 million from


送交者: 希拉里犯罪 于 October 17, 2016 14:16:14:

[Hillary Clinton, behind the real scandal! To receive as much as US $ 50 million from the Chinese government.
Hillary Clinton "e-mail door" scandal is not flat, the US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was involved in a big black case.
According to the US Congress staff (insiders) revealed that, as well as the relevant aspects of the Associated Press sort out Hillary Clinton's post-mail found that she had met the non-official who more than half of the Clinton family has donated money to the Foundation. These huge sums of money the specific number of billions of dollars.
The most can not see the light of a black gold deal is "Hillary" office of the United States Secretary of State has received through the businessmen of the Chinese Communist Party government secret funds. The Chinese government has paid bribes to buy Hillary Clinton through a handful of Chinese businessmen, and asked Hillary Clinton to "cover" the Chinese government and not to criticize China's human rights. The Chinese Communist Party provides funds to help its host! Hillary accepted the conditions of the Chinese Communist Party, took the upper funds (sealing fees, protection fees).
But Hillary just see the money eyes, seems to open to see their own seat on the President of the United States, forget the Chinese have an old saying called 'Skynet recovery sparse and not leak'! This as much as 50 million US dollars as much as the black gold dirty money, has been the United States National Security Agency FBI and other departments have mastered the information, got the evidence.
US intelligence agencies, and the FBI will be the election day, or earlier Hillary Clinton arrested, brought to justice! This will be a major event in 2016 ...



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