送交者: 拜登就是習特勒的狗 于 October 01, 2023 06:26:36:

送交者: 拜登就是習特勒的狗 于 April 04, 2023 08:11:53:


送交者: 牠说牠等不及了! 于 October 11, 2019 12:56:36:Xi Jinping ordered a gallows, and he was eager to get it after paying the money. I told it to queue up, and it said it couldn't wait! ! !
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Sent by: Biden is Xittler's dog on February 12, 2023 06:09:55:

Xi Jinping ordered a gallows, and he was eager to get it after paying the money. I told it to queue up, and it said it couldn't wait! ! !

Sender: It says it can't wait! On October 11, 2019 12:56:36:


送交者: 射死共匪狗特務-幫兇 于 March 01, 2023 05:37:37:


-丹麥----: 楊光-



送交者: 中共的特务遍天下! 于 October 05, 2019 03:19:18:



送交者: 陈士胜--中共特務-老妓女李華 于 December 03, 2019 16:23:33:)

所有跟贴: 反共需什么资格?难道我要像台湾中共卧底菜蝇蚊那样上网买个假博士文憑! ---- 陽光 -----我反共還需要你授權嗎?

(所以我必須糾正你!為了你這個老暴徒,老文盲,不要學習共產黨這套,否則你和共產黨沒區別!—— 美國陳士勝--老妓女李華,)


美國陳士勝,--中共狗特務-老妓女李華,你算个鸡巴吖!!!我是和共匪一樣--絕不把你這種妓女特務當人! - 陽光 (20 bytes) 18:41:55 12/03/19 (0)

知道被操肛门的发源地的欧州被共匪渗透的更严重吗!!!看那个老婊子默克尔---你还认为共匪有改恶从善的可能吗?!看那十三嵗就把老師操了 現在又操肛門的馬克龍及和他女兒共云雨的拜登
這世界還有存在的價值嗎?! -


-2019年9月25日 丹麦哥本哈根 杨光


作者 : 楊光







2022年五月勝利日 哥本哈根。


Danish Police: Danish Government: Danish Parliament: Mayor of Copenhagen: Government Advisor: News Media:

Sender: Shoot the Communist Party Dog Agent-Accomplice

A year has passed, and I know that the CCP’s dog spy—who calls himself Li Hua—fucked with it—my husband, the mayor of Copenhagen, made a big fuss last year and asked the police to arrest me (the police were too busy to arrest me). Take me to the court again to sentence me to death - so that the house can be taken back to open a brothel. The court found it difficult and refused to do so, which made the couple's efforts in vain. ----But one thing succeeded--I did not decorate my house last year--it doesn't matter--my residence is much better than a prison! ! !
Danish society is transparent - silos - checks and balances. The communist bandit framed me many times, and tried to get Denmark to repatriate me but failed, and it will be even more difficult in the future --- I will live longer than the communist bandit! ! !
This dog spy of the Chinese Communist Party, who called himself Li Hua, dragged down a man who could speak Chinese in Denmark
The water is gone, because this person helped me a lot, I don't want to write it. The English for the police doesn't even have this word, so save her some face!

-Denmark----: Yang Guang-

Attached is the dog of the Communist Party of China--Li Hua's pseudonym American Chen Shisheng's online article, for your reference!

I was surprised to see a dog of the Communist Party of China—Li Hua—(self-proclaimed member of Congress,-actually, I know his true colors when he stripped off his clothes. Her husband is the mayor of Copenhagen) sitting opposite the seat.

Sender: The CCP's spies are all over the world! On October 05, 2019 03:19:18:

A few days ago, I was invited to attend a dinner party. I was surprised to see a CCP dog sitting across from the seat. It first talked about the riots in Hong Kong, which affected Hong Kong’s economy and the peaceful life of the people.
It sees that no one pays attention to it, and talks even more --- there are 1.4 billion pigs in China, and chaos cannot be tolerated, and chaos will be terrible. We must educate the Chinese people and use votes to eliminate the Communist Party. I thought it was Hu Ping sitting opposite me, so I asked it---how long would it take. It replied that it will take a long time, but China cannot be chaotic! I said, are you a Communist Party? It says it is the Social Democratic Party. I said that you are not the Communist Party, why did you invite Obama to Denmark! ? It says Obama is good/best president and Trump is a lunatic and a criminal! I was furious/swearing at it --- of course, Yang's national scolding must bring a lot of three-character classics with Chinese characteristics --- get up and leave! Fuck that old cunt of your mother! ! !

Recently, this old cunt used the name Chen Shisheng from the United States to post again and forbade me to oppose the Communist Party. I’ll fuck you——I didn’t get your father’s permission to fuck your mother back then! I found a manipulator in Denmark, so I don’t have to worry about food and drink. It’s too low to be a dog for the Communist bandits! Is it human?

(Mr. Sunshine, you are a thug and illiterate, you are no different from the CCP, what qualifications do you have to oppose the CCP?
Sent by: Chen Shisheng--CCP spy-old prostitute Li Hua on December 03, 2019 16:23:33:)

All posts: What qualifications do you need to be anti-communist? Do I want to buy a fake doctorate online like the Taiwan CCP undercover vegetable fly mosquito! ---- Sunshine ----- Do I still need your authorization to oppose the Communist Party?

(So I have to correct you! For you old thugs, old illiterates, don’t learn the Communist Party, otherwise you are no different from the Communist Party! - American Chen Shisheng - old prostitute Li Hua,)

All posts:

Chen Shisheng from the United States,--the dog spy of the Communist Party of China--old prostitute Li Hua, you are a dick! ! ! I am the same as the Communists—never treat you as a prostitute or spy! - Sunshine (20 bytes) 18:41:55 12/03/19 (0)

Everyone knows that Australia, the United States, and Canada have been heavily infiltrated by Communist bandits, but you
Do you know that Europe, the birthplace of anal fuck, has been infiltrated by Communist bandits more seriously! ! ! Look at that old bitch Merkel --- do you still think it is possible for the Communists to change from evil to good? ! Look at the 13-year-old who fucked his teacher and now Macron who fucked his anus and Biden who fucked his daughter
Is there any value in this world? ! -

For this old American Chen Shisheng, the dog spy of the Communist Party of China, the old whore Li Hua, I shoot him once every day - until I shoot this Chinese pig to death! ! !

-September 25, 2019 Copenhagen, Denmark Yang Guang

In the vast fields of Ukraine - beside the quiet river -

Author : Yang Guang

In the wilderness of Ukraine,
By that silent river-
Two beautiful poplars grew,
It is my dear hometown.

Putin with Russian gangsters,
It brought war to my hometown-
Sworn to the death not to be slaves and cattle and sheep,
To have a bloody battle with the enemy!

Putin wants to establish a puppet government,
Diaper Biden Let's Run-
Brother Erzhu suggested that we kneel and surrender-
Ukrainian dictionaries do not have these options!

We are going to hang Xittler/Putin on the gallows!
We want those with diapers to wet the bed too!
We want Brother Erzhu to have no face to see Yanshan's elders
We ourselves are Hades!

We took sticks and swords,
Swear to live and die with the land of Ukraine-
For the noble glory of the motherland-
Standing up is the only option!

We will keep Ukraine standing forever,
We want Russia to perish forever!
We're going to make the partitioned Russia-
Set an example for China.

Victory Day May 2022 Copenhagen.

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黑狗肯定不會是人了-黑狗不拉屎長得醜劣-心裏更惡毒-被揭穿:故意隱藏600多頁證據 - 民主党不亡-美囯必亡 (11633 bytes) 13:28:42 4/01/23 (5)
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作者: 刘刚 专制国家一旦发动战争,将必定自取灭亡! - 自由圣火-张三一言 (5612 bytes) 13:37:58 4/01/23 (2)
传中共部长想操谁就操谁-操过福特水门的驴屌千千万-操过民主党肛门的马屌万万千! - 拜登操女兒是敗内政 (31661 bytes) 13:55:11 4/01/23 (0)
美囯民主黨菁華燴萃---和共匪一樣的土匪-流氓集團!!! - 美囯民主党都是人渣 (3890 bytes) 13:44:19 4/01/23 (0)





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